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In recent times, the subject of competitiveness has been widely discussed in the world economies. Competitiveness is the capacity of the economies to achieve sustained growth.


New technologies, rapidly changing business models, and globalization of markets have all increased the demand for top-notch people. Meanwhile, the aging workforce is leaving many organizations with their critical talent approaching retirement – often with an inadequate supply of younger talent.

Even the recent slowdown in the economy has not eliminated the talent problem. Workforce reductions have temporarily slowed down the major battles for talent, but they have put a premium on ensuring that the talent remaining is high-performing and well-suited to the strategic needs of the business.

With pressure to maintain earnings and increase shareholder value, organizations are quick to lay off employees in tough times. Although these layoffs may get an initial positive response from Stock Market, they can undermine performance later on because organizations lack the talent to capitalize on growth opportunities.

Our experience suggests that too many firms rely on recruiting new talent rather than systematic development of “home grown” talent. This generally leaves them unprepared to respond quickly to business opportunities. It is a constant struggle to have the right people in the right jobs at the right time in order to deliver improved business results.


Jobsever.com helps clients achieve a competitive talent advantage through:

Aligning talent strategies with the business and human capital strategy – Jobsever.com unparalleled suite of diagnostic tools help clients determine what unique combinations of factors are affecting performance and are linked to strategic goals developing and implementing state-of-the-art talent programs – Jobsever.com measurement processes help clients focus on the right design issues and determine how to create programs that work in their particular culture and business environment; executing talent programs consistently and effectively – Jobsever.com designs programs with implementation in mind and provides tools and support that allow effective implementation of the new talent program and alignment with other critical HR processes; and measuring talent programs or interventions – Jobsever.com helps clients evaluate the effectiveness of the talent program interventions and establishes metrics to monitor and modify the talent strategies over time.

Creating a plan to manage the workforce: First, we perform both qualitative and analyses to assess the influence of current management practices on the workforce. Second, we translate business objectives into workforce requirements. Next, we compare the current and desired states. Finally, the project team simulates the effects of proposed changes, enabling it to assess alternatives and create a plan for securing, managing, and motivating a workforce capable of achieving business objectives.

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