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Jobsever.com was set up in 2000 to offer consultancy services in Human Resources.

Jobsever has also worked in partnership with other global consulting companies. Headquartered at Chennai and with branches at USA, Singapore, Dubai. Jobsever has experienced consultants committed to providing high quality professional services.

We believe our role as HR consultants is to:

Provide the relevant conceptual framework and knowledge, including knowledge of best practices and concern areas.

Provide an independent unbiased assessment and opinion.

Provide an approach to initiate action or a solution that is relevant to the business context.

Provide skills to facilitate and enable implementation.

We believe this requires:

  • A good understanding of business issues as well as people issues.
  • An interactive approach with people in the client organisation.
  • Clear and insightful communication.
  • An ability to understand the big picture as well as get into details.
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